Within four short months, Sonatafy had deployed an expert team of over 90 developers focused in the areas of development, operations, support, and quality assurance.

It was 2004, and DemandTec was one of the fastest-growing companies in the retail and CP enterprise software space. At the time they were managing over 100 clients including Wal-Mart, Safeway, Best Buy, Tyson and Pepsi. The business was theirs to lose, but they had a problem: new business engagements were limited due to bandwidth constraints on the development and support side. Dan Fishback was the CEO and an experienced sales executive at the time. He realized that to move his business forward he needed a reliable partner with experience in the industry to help him expand quickly.


In December 2011 IBM announced its intent to purchase DemandTec; the deal closed in February 2012.

IBM DemandTec is a suite of cloud-based merchandising applications for retailers. Offerings are available for both physical (store) and digital channels and include lifecycle price management and optimization, promotion management and optimization, promotion execution, deal management, assortment optimization, and shopper insights. IBM DemandTec software and analytical services utilize a science-based platform to model and understand consumer behavior.