Today Ciscos security product is the premiere comprehensive threat intelligence solution, stopping cyberattacks and providing real-time threat education.

Back in 2006, IronPort support team was extending to manage, maintain and support clients in the APAC region. IronPort (part of Cisco now) was looking for a reliable partner who understood his business and technology.

Sonatafy was ready and able to deploy a custom solution for Scott that quickly addressed his most pressing need for client support. Within a few short months, the teams mandate expanded to operations and first-level support. Eventually, the Sonatafy team has grown to support Ciscos security product around the globe.


The result is a security intelligence cloud producing "big intelligence" and reputation analysis that track threats across networks, endpoints, mobile devices, virtual systems, web, and email.

This provides a holistic understanding of threats, their root causes, and scopes of outbreaks, translating into leading security effectiveness for Cisco security solutions. The renowned security experts are a combined team from, Sourcefires Vulnerability Research Team, the Cisco Threat Research and Communications group and the Cisco Security Applications group. Sonatafy is proud to support the success of Ciscos security product and the millions of users they serve.